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I designed this site to help my friends and me stay in touch. We are a brotherhood of believers, followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Though we are scattered all over the world, this is a place where we can discuss and learn more about who he is and what he calls us to be. Though you may be new to our community, you're certainly welcome to join us on the journey.
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"They were all together in one place, and suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind…"
- Acts 2.1-2

Acts 2.1-13 | The Coming of the Spirit
Early morning. 8am. Jerusalem. It has been ten days since Jesus left the earth, left his disciples, returned to his Father.

His followers are all together in one house where they’ve been staying. They are sitting[1] - nothing indicates they were engaged in anything particularly spiritual at this moment. Suddenly a noise like a violent rushing wind fills the house, and with the noise, small tongues of fire appear before them, moving and coming to rest on each one of the disciples. At this moment, every believer is filled with the Holy Spirit that Jesus had promised to send.[2]

When the Spirit filled Jesus’ people, two things immediately happened. First, they were miraculously empowered and began to speak in foreign languages they had never known before.[3] Second, they moved out into the city and began to speak to others about the mighty works of God.

Because this happened on the feast day of Pentecost,[4] Jerusalem was crowded with Jewish people from all over the Mediterranean world.[5] These visitors were amazed to hear the locals speaking about God in their own native languages! It created a tremendous buzz in the city. Some people were intrigued while others laughed, but no one could ignore it.

When the Holy Spirit fills a person, expect two things: (1) they will be empowered to do things they could never accomplish by their own ability, and (2) they will start speaking to others about the mighty works of God.

The promise of Jesus had been fulfilled. He had sent his Spirit to his people. They had been filled with power. They had become his witnesses in Jerusalem.[6] The world would never be the same!

What caused the disciples to be filled with the Spirit? Is there an example here for you to follow?

“Lord Jesus, fill me with your Spirit. Enable me to live a life I could never live without your help. Empower me to speak boldly with others about the mighty works of God.”

Take Action:
The first disciples had a promise, they stayed close to one another, and they stayed close to God through prayer. At the time of his own choosing, God moved to send them his Spirit.

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